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Roofing Services


Roof is an important part of a building. It is the covering on the top of any building that provides shelter and protection to people living in it. The protection could be against any weather condition like sunlight, rain, snow, wind, hailstorm etc. The roof is constructed according to the place and weather condition of the area. Some areas have extreme snowfall and to protect the building from heavy pressure of snow, roof is constructed in such a way that it is not easily damaged by the snow. Similarly the areas where temperature is generally very high with hot and humid weather, the roof is constructed to keep the building cool.

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Mainly roof is damaged in winter season due to snow, ice and freezing rain. Residential roofing is crucial since it is you and your family who live there day and night. It is your right to protect your loved ones from any problem. It is very important to choose best residential roofing contractors who can understand your requirement and give the best suggestion and solution for your roofing needs.

Roof Repair Services

Even though snow seems beautiful, it may cause severe damage to your roof. After a heavy snowfall, when the snow starts melting, it basically transforms into ice pressurizing the roof and causing hidden damage to it like leakage. It is not realized till the season changes or the rain starts. Once the rainfall starts, the roof starts leaking. So it is recommended to have a roof inspection immediately after the change of season of winter by your local roofing contractor who provides good roofing services. The severe roof damage could thus be saved. Snows usually accumulate thick over the roof which is mostly visible on the flat roofs and when it melts forming ice loading the roof even more. Whereas snow on the roof with slope falls off easily or melts when temperature changes making melted snow to fall off the slope. But it does not mean that roof with slope is the permanent and the best solution. It snow gets accumulated for a long period of time without clearing it up; it can cause other issues like cracks which may lead to roof collapse.

Thus it is always recommended to consult and discuss with your roofing contractors about the pros and cons of all types of roofs and concluding what type would be the best solution for your residential roofing. If you want roof repair services for your damaged roof, they can provide you with the best solution after inspection according to the need.

Hailstorm is storm of big-sized ice balls. These accumulate on the roof creating a sheet of ice over the roof which applies force leading to roof damage. Not only hailstorms, melted snow refreeze when the temperature drops suddenly forming ice dams which can lead to roof damage. The force applied by the ice may damage the shingles of roof by breaking them or making them loose. Each shingle has to be perfect otherwise the chances of severe roof damage increase. Damaged shingles allow the melted snow or ice to enter the sheet below them causing leakage.

To handle this kind of roof damage, you would need a professional roofing service provider. A professional roofing contractor will always inspect your roof properly along with his team of experts and will discuss with you the problem and the best solution that could help to save your roof. Roof repair services or roof installation are not the only work which should be provided by roofing contractors. They should follow up even after the work is finished. They should monitor by visiting the place and if they find any other problem, they could fix it immediately.

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When the snow melts and refreezes forming ice dams, it will not allow rainwater to drain off completely. So rainwater get collected and get into the shingles causing not only severe roof damage, but will also affect the walls, ceilings of the house and most importantly electric wiring which could be very dangerous. When water comes in contact with electricity, it causes short circuit which could take away your electricity until your electrician fixes it or it may cause fire if short circuit occurs widely. Other than these issues, there are many health issues that are related to water which on coming in contact with wood or wall may cause the growth of moulds and fungi. These micro organisms cause many health problems and it very tough to clean them unless you hire a pest controller to clean up your house.

Why wasting so much money after severe damage? Why not save money by choosing the best residential roofing contractor for roof installation or for roof repair services? Be wise! Choose us! Global Roofing is one of the best roofing contractors in the area. You could search for residential roofers near me and contact us for any of your roofing services.

Wind seems to be very pleasing and comforting but have you ever thought that it could also damage your roof? HOW? It is impossible to think that wind can also cause any sort of damage. The damage caused by other elements such as snow, ice and water could get further severe by wind. The damaged shingles (broken or loose) can easily be blown off by wind. And if by chance there is a heavy wind storm, it can also blow off the undamaged shingles. It is very important to keep a track of the inspection of your roof. You can call a roofing contractor immediately if ever you feel that your roof is getting damaged in any way. Or you can always hire a roofing contractor who provides good roof repair services for continuous inspection of your roof. These roofing contractors keep a track of inspection of every customer and call you up when it is time for inspection.

If you are constructing a new building, discuss everything with the contractor about the new roof installation. A good residential roofing contractor will provide professional roofing services and will provide you with all the details of residential roofing services that they will be giving, whether it is the type of roof, the material to be used and even the quality of materials to be used. If you are confused about anything, you can keep asking about it till you are sure and a professional roofing contractor will always answer all your questions with patience.

In summer, a high temperature could leave us feeling hot and tired all day. It’s the roof which protects us from extreme heat. But sun can also damage the roof! Nobody ever imagines that roof which protects us from such a high temperature could also get damaged by it. Of course! The Ultraviolet rays from sun destroy the structure of roof. UV rays are invisible and dangerous rays that can destroy anything exposed to them for long period of time. In summer, roof is in constant contact with these rays causing severe damage. The tiles or shingles absorb such high heat which tends them to expand themselves. The cold temperature causes them to contract. This process of expansion and contraction leads to the leakage of roof or breakage of the roof tiles or shingles causing severe roof damage.

To protect your roof from these elements, you need to conduct a regular roof inspection. It is not necessary to call a roofing contractor but it could also be done by you. You can conduct the inspection by yourself and if you find anything wrong or even have a doubt, you can immediately call a residential roofing contractor who can visit for an inspection and suggest you some roof repair services if they find any such damage.

Global roofing has been professional roofing services to residential as well as commercial customers throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 10 years. We are an experienced roofing company and believe in complete customers’ satisfaction. We provide a wide range of roofing services and cover all aspects of roofing whether it is roof installation, new construction installation, ice dam removal, snow removal, flat roof services or maintenance of roofs. Even after the completion of work, we come for regular monitoring till we and our customers are satisfied.

Choose wisely! Choose Global Roofing!

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